Peyton Manning on Saturday Night Live 2007: Season 32, Episode 16

I don't know why I had such a hard time finding all of Peyton Manning's SNL skits, but I'm glad I sniffed them out because he was hilarious!

Here are all the SNL videos of Peyton Manning hosting SNL with musical guest Carrie Underwood back in 2007.


1. Peyton Manning SNL Promos:

Credit: SeanH777

2. Peyton Manning "SNL Monologue":

3. Peyton Manning SNL "United Way Spoof": (check out the real United Way commercial he made here and here is a transcript of Manning's United Way spoof in case you can't hear what he says over the laughter):

4. Peyton Manning SNL "On the Porch": (so this is what Manning would look like with more hair...)

5. Peyton Manning SNL "Meatloaf Lovers": 

6. Peyton Manning SNL "On the Set of 300": (and this is what he would look like without hair...)

7. Peyton Manning SNL "Dinner Party":

Peyton Manning SNL dinner party skit screencap

I can't embed this video, but you can watch it here. In the skit, Peyton Manning gets annoyed at a girl at a dinner party.

8. Peyton Manning SNL "Half Time Locker Room Dancing Skit":

Peyton Manning SNL Dancing screencap
Credit: Hellie231

It's one of Peyton's funniest skits! I love how he used his towel to hide the fact that he's cracking up at Will Forte's over the top dancing. Here's a better quality clip.

9. Peyton Manning SNL "Behind the Scenes with Carrie Underwood":

10. Peyton Manning signing autographs after SNL:


Unknown said...

i actually bought this episode off of itunes, but the dancing locker room skit wasnt in it. do you know why?

PMC said...


Hm, I don't know why. Seems odd that the funniest skit wouldn't be on there.

trish said...

I thought it was weird too, but its not...I thought maybe it was an extra or from another episode (though i know he was only on one). Interesting non the less =)

Anonymous said...

the dancing locker skit was not included because it contained copyrighted music, so they had to remove it, you can find the locker room skit in many places google it

Tori62 said...

Thanks for posting this! :-)

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