Peyton Manning speaks on ESPN


Peyton Manning is walking!

Peyton Manning is doing nothing other than moving his two legs briskly around the Colts' practice facility, but to me, him walking laps is awesome news. Not awesome in that it makes me think he will be back this season, but awesome in that it banished the mental image I had of Manning being immobile and strapped down in a hospital bed wearing a thick neck brace.

Peyton Manning walking around the Colts' practice facility

It is very encouraging to see him up and about. He even joked around with the cameramen saying, "Can I get this for my scrapbook? Pretty exciting, huh?"

There's a video clip of Manning walking his laps at ESPN.

ESPN spoke to Archie Manning about Peyton at the Giants' game and Archie said Peyton was sore for a week after the surgery, but is now feeling better and in better spirits. Archie doesn't know if Manning will play this season and he also didn't say anything about the stem cell procedure.

Besides struggling to get healthy, ESPN reported that Peyton's also struggling with how to feel and how much time to spend around the Colts. He wants to be there and help the team, but also doesn't want to "overload" and be around too much.

As a fan, I don't see any reason why his presence would be anything but positive.

Get well soon, Peyton!

Go Colts!

Week 2: Colts v. Browns 2011 Game Highlights

Ray Lewis was right.

"If you take him [Peyton Manning] out the game, no disrespect to nobody else on the Colts, but you make them a very below average ball club."

Again, I stayed up until 4AM watching the Colts play against the Browns. I felt optimistic after the first few drives ("Wow, big improvement in one week!"), but that ultimately turned into "Here we go again..." when Special Teams (minus V-Money and Patty Mac) was "special" as usual and Colt McCoy carved up the secondary.

What I found most disconcerting was when the announcers quoted Larry Coyer saying something like (and I'm reciting from memory here), our defense was built to play with a lead and now we actually have to play defense to make the lead.

Excuse me, but.... WTF?

Why not build a defense to play good defense with or without a lead?

What is the Colts' front office doing? What are the coaches doing besides blinking quietly?

To be sure, there are other good players on the team, but defense and special teams has been a problem for many years now. And what does the Colts' front office do to address the problem in the off season? Blink.


Though the game successfully cast a darker cloud above Colts Nation and gave more fodder for freaking out, the game itself wasn't all bad.

Silver linings from the Browns beat down:
  • Running game - OL (except Link), Addai, and Carter looked good (Is this the last we see of Brown?) Imagine what Peyton could do with this running game.
  • Adam Vinatieri - V-Money's still got it. No doubt about it. Four for four on field goals and even nailed a 52-yarder.
  • Pat McAfee = power leg. Stop calling for him to cut his hair. He's growing it out to donate to Locks of Love (like I'm doing).  
  • Pat Angerer - Dude's stepping up.
  • Anthony Castanzo - He's really settling in at LT. Two false starts is okay. He's still a rookie and getting used to it. Remember all the false starts by Tarik Glenn? Those were all okay because he was awesome at what he did.    
  • Antoine Bethea - totally underrated

The opposite of silver linings (mercury fillings?): 
  • Coaching - for once I wish Caldwell would just go for it on 4 and 1. Special Team and Defensive Coordinators... o_O
  • Kerry Collins - Did his best "I'm not a sloth, but I really am a sloth" impersonation. He was better in this game, even stepped up in the pocket a couple of times, but he's still a statue in the pocket, takes forever to throw the ball, takes forever to re-load, and then makes throws that make me go "WTF kind of throw was that?!" 
  • Special Teams - cannot give the other team such good field position all the time. Come on!
  • Secondary - 'Nuf said. 
  • Officiating - Missing a bunch of holds, pass interference (Reggie Wayne was livid on that one), these zebras stank up the joint tonight.

And is Austin Collie's arm okay? 17 looked like a cyborg on the field today with his helmet and one black arm.

It pains me how much Manning does for the Colts. Look at him, flying to Europe to get a stem cell treatment just to increase the odds of a speedy recovery from his neck surgery. He is doing everything he can to help his team, but what is his team doing to help itself?

I really wonder.

Here are highlights from the Colts vs. Browns game:


Football gods, please show Manning some love. As much as I want to see him play, I think he needs to sit out this season and rest up.

Colts play the Steelers next week. It might be an even uglier game, but I will still cheer for Blue.


Peyton takes the snap...

How I will miss hearing those words this season.

Re-live Peyton Manning to Reggie Wayne highlights from the 2010 season:


18 to 85 (Pierre Garcon) 2010 season highlights (must watch for circus catches):


18 to 17 (Austin Collie) 2010 highlights (even though Collie had a shortened season because of injuries, his chemistry with Manning was amazing):


Week 1: Texans v. Colts 2011 Game Highlights

What a weekend.

I spent half the time bawling over the sad and touching 9/11 tributes and the other half crying and shaking my head at how unprepared the Colts were in their ugly, ugly, fugly loss to the Texans. Peyton Manning was not there and it clearly showed.

Speaking of Manning, please send the tough guy some well wishes. As the rest of the world probably already knows, he took a chunk out of his hip bone to use for his third (second this year) neck surgery. It's a more painful and aggressive procedure and has the potential to cause him lifelong hip discomfort, but he opted for the procedure because of the potential for a speedier recovery (6-8 weeks). While the Colts still have not put him on IR, my gut tells me he will not be returning to the field this season. Even if he did recover that quickly, I still would not want him on the field until he was 110%. The thought of him taking hits just months removed from serious surgery makes me cringe.

And Manning is such a team player. He instructed his agent to "protect the team" in case his neck didn't heal as planned, so the Colts can opt out of his contract. The Colts seriously owe it to him to do everything they can to be a better team offensively, defensively, and special team-sively.

But, back to the Week 1 game.

As I am currently in Asia for work, I stayed up until 4 AM watching a livestream of the game. I wanted to turn it off and not ruin my sleep schedule for the rest of the week, but I just couldn't! It was like watching a train wreck. It was so bad, I just had to keep watching. Anything that could have gone wrong went wrong.

  • Kerry Collins - sacked, fumbled, turned the ball over, stood like a statue in the pocket. Is it me or does he look like the oldest 38 year old ever? He makes Matt Stover (former Colts' Kicker) look like a teenager.
  • Special Teams - allowed lots of yards on punt returns and even a punt return for a TD (Adam "Money in the Bank" Vinatieri  missed an easy field goal. He also missed an easy on in the preseason, but he nailed a 50 yard one too. Not worried about Mr. Clutch.)
  • Tackling - What? What tackling? Exactly
  • Penalties - I know, it's just the first game of the season, but the Colts are usually pretty clean on penalties.
  • Right side of the offensive line - It's going to take some time for the OL to get it together, but I was hoping for more.
  • Coaches - I really dislike Coyer. What on earth is he doing to allow the Texans to run so many bootlegs. Hello! It's all they do against the Colts. And Caldwell. Sigh. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that behind the scenes, he is different from the way he presents himself to the media and fans (a well-fed and less competent Dungy). But he does not seem inspire... anything. Confidence least of all. When I think of him, instead of thinking of the fire and passion a football coach should have, I think of fish. Cold fish, like sashimi too. Wtf.
  • Dierdorf - Still one of the worst sports announcers ever. 
  • Reviewing EVERY scoring touchdown - Blah, just slow down the game even more why don't you.

Some Salvation:
  • Awesome shoes and gloves (I love you America!)
  • Reggie Wayne - This guy played his heart out. And he actually has a really big heart.  Before the game, he was talking to a military vet in the stands and the guy asked Wayne if he could have the football if he caught a TD. Wayne remembered after the game and gave the guy the ball
  • Castonzo looked good in his debut
  • Addai ran well. I am happy he was re-signed.
  • Pat Angerer, Gary Brackett, Dwight Freeney played their hearts out.
  • Saturday fought under the pile to hold onto the football. (Ahem, Hank Baskett, take notes please.)
  • Schaub still has stoner-Ben Affleck face.

I wanted to see more of Austin Collie, but he was noticeably more invisible. Garcon didn't have a circus catch, but Dallas Clark had a one-handed catch that was cool to watch but ultimately didn't make an impact.

Watch highlights of the game here:


Next week, the Colts play the Browns. Hopefully things will get better. Like Dwight Freeney said, "It can't get worse."


"I hope."


On the other hand, for once I will be able to watch the Colts play football with relatively little stress. With no Peyton Manning in the game to be potentially injured, I am way more relaxed during the games!

Go Colts!

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