Dominic Rhodes butters up to Peyton Manning

Dominic Rhodes video bombs Peyton Manning as he is being interviewed:

Check out the screenshot:

It kind of reminds me of this:

Manning Passing Academy

This is an old video of Peyton and Eli Manning at their annual Manning Passing Academy in Louisiana. The Manning family's heart of gold just never gets old:

Credit: candyjames35

MasterCard: Oh, cut, cut...

Lots of players have been cut from the Colts roster this off season. I'm looking forward to new players the team will pick up from the draft and free agency. Manning also needs to negotiate his contract, which expires this year in 2010.

Here is one of Peyton Manning's old MasterCard commercials and some behind the scene footage:

Cool it, Eli!

Speaking of reading, this is one of my favorite Peyton Manning commercials with his family:

Credit: daisymaytr

Go Team Peyton!

Peyton, Eli, and Archie Manning support ClassroomsCare:

Reading is giving.

Stink at golf?

With Tiger Woods' return to golf and the media abuzz with the 2010 Masters at Augusta, I thought I'd revisit Peyton Manning's priceless pep talk commercial for Bud:

Credit: MnTsVids

Check out Peyton and Eli Manning's golf swings here:

Credit: CaldwellSays

Peyton Manning supports Mercy Hospitals

Here is Peyton Manning in a commercial supporting Mercy Hospitals:

This guy seriously has a heart of gold.

Niswonger Children's Hospital Golf Tournament

Peyton Manning will be playing in the Niswonger Children's Hospital golf tournament:

Read the full article from TriCities here.

Colts on Peyton Manning's Audibles

I can never get enough of Peyton Manning and his audibles. Hear what Colts players (and Queen Latifah!) have to say about his crazy play calling:

Peyton Manning on G Series Locker Room

Here is Peyton Manning in a series of videos for Gatorade's Gatorade Recover.

Credit: whatsg

Did you know you can buy Gatorade online?

Peyton Manning congratulates the Butler Bulldogs

Peyton Manning makes a video to congratulate the Butler Bulldogs. The Bulldogs were all what he and the Colts talked about for the past two weeks. I really wanted them to win, but oh well. From the video, at least Peyton seems like he's doing well after his neck surgery!

Credit: bbruner

Here's a somewhat clearer, but shorter version:

Credit: lbalous

Sound FX: Super Bowl XLIV

A little late, but here are sounds of players mic'd up during Super Bowl XLIV:

Credit: saturnigol9

2009 Peyton Manning Highlights

Wow, I've been on football hiatus for far too long. Sorry about the lack of updates!

According to USA Today, Peyton Manning underwent neck surgery to relieve a pinched nerve and fortunately all is going well and he should be able to start throwing ball next month.

I haven't been following the draft, but here are my two cents on recent happenings:
  1. Colts cut Jim Sorgi - I expected that to happen. Man, does that guy have an awesome job or what? I know football players want to play, but dude, he is pretty much a millionaire for not having to do a whole lot. It also looks like his shoulder injury is healing up nicely, since the Giants signed him to back up Peyton's brother, Eli Manning. I'm actually somewhat relieved that he's with another Manning because I wouldn't want him spilling Peyton's beans to a rival team or something.
  2. Donovan McNabb's trade to the Redskins - WTF!
I miss me some football, so here are some of Peyton Manning's highlights in the 2009 season (an awesome, dramatic vid, by the way):

Credit: whitetdjpaka
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