In Depth Interview with Peyton Manning

Bob Costas interviewed Peyton Manning about getting older, winning Super Bowls, Brett Farve, and Tom Brady back in 2009:

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Week 12: Colts vs. Chargers 2010 Highlights

What, does Cris Collinsworth want to have a secret lovechild with Philip Rivers or something?

"You gotta love this kid."

"This kid just loves football."

"You gotta love this kid."

"This kid is just a bundle of energy and gets everyone around him all excited!"

"You just gotta love this kid."

We get it. You wish you were the guy on the bottom:

But okay, okay. I'm done making lame digs that don't even make any sense.

Rivers is a good quarterback and tonight just wasn't Peyton Manning's night. What a disappointing game. It certainly was not the beat down I was expecting. I thought the Colts still had a chance at halftime. Actually, I almost always think they have a chance, even in the fourth quarter, as long as the ball is in the hands of Number 18. But today was one of the rare days when I finally had to admit defeat.

Here are the highlights for the Colts vs. Chargers game, final score 36-14:

Credit: RandyOrtonrko22, NFL Game Highlights

If you are bummed out about the loss (like me) or just really don't like Philip Rivers (like me), these pictures will cheer you up:

Gotta admit, it's kind of hard to hate someone when you are in awe of their stellar range of facial contortions.

Peyton Manning - Reebok ZigTech Commercial

This is a pretty cool commercial for Reebok's ZigTech shoes, featuring MVP Peyton Manning:

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Behind the Scenes: Manning Bowl II Commercial

Here is some behind the scene footage from Peyton Manning and Eli Manning filming the commercial for Manning Bowl II this year:

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Here is the original commercial:

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Peyton Manning, just snap the ball already!

Want to see more of Peyton Manning and his audibles? Look more further.

Here is a clip audibles from the DVD extras off of Super Bowl XLI:

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Monday Night Miracle - 2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Indianapolis Colts

Here's a Monday blast from the past highlight of Peyton Manning's incredible 21 point 4th quarter comeback against the Buccaneers back in 2003:


Credit: franciscojara10

It was probably the best homecoming (this game was Dungy's first return to Tampa Bay after they fired him) and birthday present Tony Dungy ever received.  

Week 11: Colts vs. Patriots 2010 Highlights

I really, really, really thought Peyton Manning and the Colts would stage another comeback for the win. You could just feel them getting hot in the second half. If only Manning didn't throw that last pick... But you know, considering the three interceptions, multiple penalties, sucky defense, and injured players, I think Manning and the Colts did pretty well. The Patriots played a really good game against a not-so-perfect Colts team and it was still a nail-biter to the end. Manning is going to be under fire for losing the game, but the game would have already been lost if he didn't suit up. Cut the man some slack. Look at what he has done for his team ever since he took his first snap as a rookie!

And while I'm at it, give Pierre Garcon a break too. Yea, he's made mistakes and yea, Manning may be frustrated with him, but he's playing with a hamstring injury and may just be having an off-year. Let's hope he gets better towards the end of the season, like he did in 2009.

On a side note, I was surprised to see Austin Collie play. Each hit he took after catching a ball made me cringe. Even though I wished someone with his skill set could stay on the field, I was relieved when they pulled him from the game. Manning will need his good receivers healthy for the tough matches ahead!

Here are highlights from the Colts vs. Patriots game, Patriots winning it 31-28:

Credit: carylwhytierchessman, NFL Game Highlights

Next game is with the Chargers. I have an irrational dislike for Phillip Rivers. So, come on Colts! Lets get healthy, get some more reps down, and give Rivers a nice beat down at home.

Mid-season MVP - Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning won the MVP award last year and I think he should win it again this year.

Here's a flashback to his 2009 season MVP highlights (cue super dramatic music):

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Week 10: Colts vs. Bengals Highlights 2010

Peyton Manning and the Colts beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-17.

Here are the highlights of the game:

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Game highlights with user commentary:


2010 National Pathfinders Award - Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning was honored with the 2010 National Pathfinder Award for his charitable works with the PeyBack Foundation and the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St. Vincent. The Pathfinder Award, which Manning's parents have also won before, honors individuals for their contributions and dedications to the community youth.

Manning was the recipient of this award during the off-season. It just goes to show how he does great things on the field and even greater things off the field:

(I think you can see a glimpse of Peyton Manning and his wife Ashley, who rarely makes an appearance, at the end of this clip)

Credit: wish

Here's to beating the Bengals today without tacking on any more injuries!

NFL Top Ten Single Season Performance - #1 Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning's awesome 2004 MVP season is ranked number one on NFL's Top Ten Single Season Performance countdown:

As far as Manning's best game? For me, nothing beats the 2006 AFC Championship against the Patriots.

Week 9: Colts vs. Eagles Highlights 2010

Sorry this is late. It's getting harder to find an embedded video link for NFL Colts football game highlights.

By now most of you have probably already heard about Austin Collie's concussion. I'm so glad that he is okay! He will be sitting out the Colts' game this Sunday against the Bengals.

Peyton Manning was picked off at the last minute during the Eagles game. I was really hoping the Colts would make a field goal and take the win, but oh well. The Eagles won 26-24, dropping the Colts to 5-3 and tied for first in the AFC South.

Here are the highlights from the week 9 Colts vs. Eagles match in case you missed it:

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The Top 100: NFL Greatest Players - Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is number 8 on NFL's list of the Top 100 Greatest Players!

In it, Ray Lewis says, "You can put in whatever piece you want to put with 18, 18 will make it work. All he says is 'Just find your way open, I'll get the ball down.'"

Ray Lewis does a great job presenting the honor. My favorite thing is when he said, "I try to tell my sons that. I'm like, that just didn't happen, he didn't just wake up and 'Oh, I'm good!' No! I guarantee you there were some hours he spent by himself. A lot of them. That's what greatness is. Greatness is by yourself. Nobody else can make you be great."

Watch the video on Peyton Manning:

Credit: , NFL Video

The top 10 players:
  1. Jerry Rice
  2. Jim Brown
  3. Lawrence Taylor
  4. Joe Montana
  5. Walter Payton
  6. Johnny Unitas
  7. Reggie White
  8. Peyton Manning
  9. Don Hutson
  10. Dick Butkus
Tom Brady came in at #21, Brett Favre at #20, and Ray Lewis at #16.

Peyton Manning: Colts vs. Texans Post-Game Interview

Coach Caldwell and Peyton Manning talk about Monday night's win against the Texans:

Manning starts talking around the 6 minute mark:

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Week 8: Colts vs. Texans Highlights 2010

Peyton Manning and the Colts continue their home-game winning streak against the Texans. The Colts won last night's match up, 30-17. Now they lead the AFC South! Even though a bunch of key players are injured, Manning and the Colts still managed to get the job done.

If you missed the game, here are some highlights (including Peyton Manning throwing a block for Garcon):

Credit: VikesHighlights , NFL Game Highlights 

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