Is Peyton Manning married?

Yes. But he doesn't have any kids... yet.

UPDATE: Nevermind! Peyton Manning and his wife are the proud parents of twins, a baby boy and a baby girl, born on March 31, 2011 - Marshall Williams Manning (named after Ashley's grandfather with Peyton's middle name as the middle name) and Mosley Thompson Manning (with Ashley's maiden name as the middle name). Lots of March babies in the Manning family!

Peyton Manning married Ashley Manning, his University of Tennessee college sweetheart (but she went to the University of Virginia), in 2001. They were apparently introduced by Ashley's neighbor when Peyton was a freshman.

Ashley Manning tends to keep out of the spotlight, so there are only a few pictures of her, but she is a real beauty:

Even though whenever I search for "peyton manning", Google autofills it with "peyton manning divorce", I believe Peyton and his wife are a happily married couple. Look at how cute they are at a Bruce Springsteen concert:

And at the charity event at Lucas Oil Stadium:

Credit: wish

You can also see Ashley Manning in rare interview for Peyton Manning's All-Access Granted with ESPN back in 1997 when she was still his girlfriend (around the 7:30 mark):

Here's a more recent interview of Ashley Manning in 2005:

And here are a few more, including Peyton Manning's rarely seen wedding picture:

There are always rumors about Peyton cheating on Ashley, but Manning is always seen wearing his wedding ring when he's not on the field. He's even wearing his wedding band at this year's training camp. It's a recent picture, so no, they are not getting a divorce! The rumors are just rumors.

Photo Credit: Bob's Blitz

People also think Ashley Manning never goes to any of Peyton's games (hence all the marriage trouble rumors), but she's there. You just don't see her that often.


Anonymous said...

She's hot!

Anonymous said...

People are just jealous, that's why there's all the divorce rumors. I've heard some folks here in Indy claim they've seen him picking up women in BR, but of course that doesn't mean its true. Plus even if they do have an open relationship as some claim, then that's THEIR business, no one elses!

They are a great philanthropic couple and we love them here in Indy!!!

Pats4EVER said...

Gisele is hotter.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Gisele is hotter, but Peyton is a better QB than Brady.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to Peyton and his wife. Can anyone be NICE?? Not everyone is Gisele, and she is a bit stuck up it seems.

Good for Eli winning the Super Bowl!!

I don't have kids, but I bet the Manning Mom would love to know I have 3 brother orange kitty cats, named Peyton, Eli, and Cooper!

And, get better Peyton, I had that nasty neck surgery, 3 years ago and still having problems. My body is not liking the metal in my neck and keeps creating infections. I hope you are not dealing with that. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Ashley Peyton is a very attractive woman and a body that goes with her looks. Professional Models are very beautiful as well,but, you can see every bone in their body. Even though they are both "HOT",there is a difference between a chicken breast and a chicken wing.

jr said...

wow wow wow i get to watch peyton hey what can i say i am now a bronco fan --i love it
good by colts and indy you had a good run
one mess up and your winning days are over
oh how nice it will be to see peyton win when
playing you --man i just cant wait
go broncos

Anonymous said...

I was a Dan Marino fan before but then he retired am I was lost. Peyton has lots of qualities as Dan so, as long as Peyton is a quarterback, I will be his fan. No matter where he goes.

Russell Johnson said...

I don't know if Peyton cheats on his wife or not. I doubt the "open marriage" rumor though. Ashley is by all accounts devoutly religious. Her quest for privacy seems extreme, and it is, but that doesn't mean they don't have a good marriage. If she's willing to pull up stakes and move her two babies to Denver then that says a lot. She had a lot of charitable interests in Indy.

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