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Stay safe tonight everyone. See you all in 2011.

Happy new year!

Magic 8 Ball - Colts vs. Titans Week 17 Preview

Sunday will mark the last week of the regular season for NFL football. If Peyton Manning and the Colts win over the Titans, the Colts will have made the playoffs for nine straight seasons. Nine. Can you believe that? If Manning and company were a sitcom show, they'd be on TV for as long as Friends.

If the Colts make the playoffs, and I think they will, everyone on the team deserves the hardest, butt-numbing butt slap for what they've been able to accomplish so far this season. Their injury situation has been talked to death, so I'll just tip my hat to them and leave it at that.

Today, my magic 8 ball will be answering the questions on all of our minds as the game approaches:
  1. Will Jeff Fisher shave his mustache? - Cannot predict now.
  2. Are the Titans going to run 2 fake punts and 1 onside kick? -  Better not tell you now.
  3. Is Dominic Rhodes still possessed? - Yes - definitely.
  4. Are any other Colts' running backs possessed? - As I see it, yes.
  5. Will Clint Session play on defense? - Ask me again later.
  6. Will the Colts stop Chris Johnson? - Outlook not so good.
  7. Will the Jaguars lose? - Outlook good.
  8. Will the Colts win against the Titans this upcoming Sunday? - Without a doubt.
I like all of those answers except for number 6.

Without further ado, here is the game preview for the Colts vs. Titans match up:

Credit: 18pmc18, NFL Game Previews

Let's go Colts! We beat the Titans last time and we can do it again.

The blue stars are lining up

David Garrard will not be playing next week against the Texans, so that means even more good news for Peyton Manning and the Colts.

Garrard injured his finger during the Colts vs. Jaguars game, hitting it against either Dwight Freeney or Robert Mathis' helmet. His finger didn't seem too bad during that game and Garrard still played against the Redskins last week. However, he will be getting surgery on it this Thursday.

If the Jaguars lose (more likely now that their starting quarterback is out), the Colts will make the playoffs even if they lose to the Titans (though this is less likely to happen). Manning and the Colts will probably try to win out so they at least have a chance of securing the third seed if the Kansas City Chiefs lose to the Oakland Raiders

I'm never pleased to hear about any injuries, but I'm relieved that the injury didn't happen to another Colt (*knock on wood*). Manning is going to need all the weapons he can get, on all sides of the ball to make a playoff/Super Bowl push!

We survived the Black Hole last week and now need to destroy the Titans. And if the Texans can hang on long enough before shooting themselves in the foot, then that's just extra icing on top.
Thrusters on full.

Peyton Manning is going Bowlin'

Peyton Manning was selected third in line to go to the 2011 Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Tom Brady was chosen first and Philip Rivers second. In the NFC, the quarterback lineup is Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, and Drew Brees, in that order. The only other Colts' who made the roster were: Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney, and Robert Mathis. So much for fan voting!

I can't remember the last time I actually watched a Pro Bowl game. I only think of two things when I hear Pro Bowl: 1) the word stupid and 2) Manning in an ugly red jersey. At any rate, here's a nice flashback to the 2008 Pro Bowl when Kassim Osgood play-interviewed Manning. Osgood talks about how he dropped a perfect pass from Manning and Manning sarcastically retorts, "There was really no excuse whatsoever for you not to catch it." I also like how he plugged in his undeniable trust in Reggie Wayne. If Reggie misses a pass, it's okay. He'll still throw to him a second time because he knows he will make the catch then. For some reason, hearing that made me feel extra optimistic for the Colts.

Credit: mouthpiecesports1

The 2011 Pro Bowl is only a month away, but I'm going to be bold, Naga Viper bold, and say that Peyton won't be showing up as a reserve. Not because Tom Brady is going to pass and go purse shopping instead, but because the Colts are going to go to the Super Bowl. Wishful thinking? Maybe. Impossible? Most certainly not.

I know, I know. I shouldn't get ahead of myself... but I'm just so proud of how much this beat up team has accomplished. No run game? Boom, 100+ yards rushing in the last two games. Weak defense? Boom, who's stopping the runs now? Manning in a slump? Nope. Don't think so. It seems like the Colts are finally finding their stride.

However, they have a tough fight ahead of them should they (and they probably will) win against the Titans this upcoming Sunday and make the playoffs. I've got a feeling that they have some magic blue fairy dust hiding under their shoulder pads and helmets though! Feelings don't win football games, but then again, that's why I stay glued to the sofa every Sunday while Number 18 and the Colts go out and make things happen.

Go Colts! Let's hit the jackpot!

Peyton Manning and his naked bootlegs

That headline almost sounds like a story put out by the National Enquirer. Fortunately for those of us with eyes, Peyton Manning is not a public cross-dresser, at least not to my knowledge. The only bootlegs he dons are the ones that kick his opponents' butts.

Yesterday, Manning ran for 27 yards with a little over a minute left in the game against the Raiders. No one on the o-line knew it was coming and even though Manning was just a hair faster than the fat guy on the Patriots who returned a kickoff for 71 yards, he did it like a pro. In fact, Manning should get an Oscar nod for best actor in a non-acting role:


According to the Indianapolis Star, Manning said he would have made the touchdown if he wanted to. So, he really was just being a classy, smart guy. Yes, the touchdown would have put the Colts up a 2 score lead, but taking a knee and running out the clock not only prevents unnecessary injury, it also absolutely destroys any glimmer of hope, no matter how small, of a Raiders' comeback. I also want to point out what a great job Dominic Rhodes did hustling from the backfield all the way to be there to help Manning block.

Even though you rarely see Manning breaking out his inner Michael Vick, this 27-yarder was not the longest Manning has ever run.

Week 16: Colts vs. Raiders 2010 Highlights

As God has appeared to smite the Colts during the course of this regular NFL season, today the die rolled in favor of the men in blue: the Chiefs beat the Titans, the Jaguars lost to the Redskins (making a Colts' loss today meaningless), and the Bengals whooped the Chargers (taking our Achilles heel out of playoff contention). Three weeks ago, the Colts were in the dirt and Manning was in the worst slump of his career. Fast forward three games and the Colts are back in contention, leading the way. Manning was off sync with his passing game today (2 picks), but the Colts refused to be smote.

My Top WTF Moments:
  1. The Colts are running the ball.... again! - Donald Brown, Joseph Addai, Dominic Rhodes, and even Peyton Manning himself had quite the running day. For a team ranked 28th in the NFL for rushing, we did a darn good job running the ball, averaging close to 5 yards per carry as a team. Brown and Addai had some good gains and boy, I've really missed Addai blocking at the line. I was actually expecting to see a little more of Brown, given his breakout performance in last week's game, but with Rhodes running like a man possessed, I had nothing to complain about. Rhodes is older, but he looked younger and stronger than ever. Manning capped off a mediocre offensive performance by running 27 yards all the way down to the Raiders' 4 yard line. I'm sure he could have made the touchdown, but after sliding, he took two knees to end the game with a respectable margin. Unlike well-known stat-padder, Tom Brady.
  2. Cut that meat - What a way for the defense to carry the team! With Manning and the offense out of stride, the defense did their job by sending the Raiders on numerous three-and-outs. Notoriously crappy on away games, they really stepped up today, just like they did last week against the Jaguars. I almost had a heart attack when Antoine Bethea was injured though, but fortunately, he was only a little shaken up. Let's keep this defensive fire burning!
  3. Penalty flags - There was a lot of yellow being thrown on the field today. Luckily, most of the calls were on the Raiders, with Peyton catching the Pirates for two offsides. Jeff Saturday actually got into it with some of the Raiders' players, but I'm glad the situation didn't escalate into a Andre Johnson-Cortland Finnegan fist fight. It was more like a rendition of Saturday's "I'll knock you out" to Houston's Mario Williams.
  4. Conservative Caldwell - I'm always screaming at my TV when the Colts are at 4th and 1 and decide to punt. Just go for it! You have Number 18 in the bank! And this is a "playoff" game! The Colts could have kicked a field goal in the fourth quarter, but Caldwell punted to the Raiders for them to score a touchdown on their ensuing drive. That left everyone antsy for the onside kick, but luckily Tamme jumped up like a great white shark to recover the ball. I understand the need to be cautious (God knows I'm highly risk averse), but sometimes Caldwell needs to stop being such a punt-loving, conservative coach. It's only his second year as head coach, but let's hope he does nothing but improve in the years to come.
  5. Austin Collie on the sidelines - I was surprised to see him there. After his multiple concussions, I thought he'd be bubble-wrapped and forced to take 3 hour naps around the clock. I didn't think he'd fly out with the team, but I was really happy to see him dressed in streets clothes and looking well. I know some people are calling for him to retire, but he seems like he's going to be okay. He just needs to take some time off and think things through. Here's to Collie getting better soon! 
  6. Jacoby Ford return for a touchdown - Special teams, WTF?! This gave me eerie flashbacks to Super Bowl XLI, but then I calmed myself because... the Colts won that Super Bowl! At any rate, having kickoffs returned for a touchdown is not good.
Watch highlights from the Colts vs. Raiders game here:

Credit: 18pmc18, NFL Game Highlights

Though the offense seems a bit rusty in the passing game, hopefully the renewed running game and defense will make up for the lack of timing between Peyton and his receivers.

One more game left against the Titans and it's a home game. If we win/tie or Jacksonville loses against Houston, we're in the playoffs. We can do it! I know we can!

Go Colts! Hit the jackpot!

    Peyton Manning's inner-child sees Clark

    I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday!

    It was pretty warm on Christmas Eve, but a late-night rainstorm kicked in a nice cold front. It actually feels like winter today, with foggy windows and white rooftops. The year just isn't complete without being chilled to the bones, so I'm grateful this year wasn't another warm Christmas. Actually, I'm mostly grateful that I have another excuse to use my Snuggie (what, they're comfortable!).

    Because I have no relatives here, for every holiday it's just me, my parents, my brother, and my sister. It's really great to have moments like these. Nowadays everyone is either busy or stressed out or busy and stressed out, that it's easy to overlook how much effort is made just to share a meal and breathe the same air for a day. I wish I cherished these get-togethers more when I was younger, when we all had plenty of time to be together, but when you are young, you are so anxious to get old that when you actually get old, you can't help but wonder what all the rush was about.

    And that brings me to my post for today, a Peyton Manning commercial for Sprint. It breaks down what Manning goes through each time he's in the pocket. Pressed for time, Manning looks for an open receiver while checking the defense and at the last second his inner-child whispers, "Clarrrrk" and Peyton throws to Dallas:

    Credit: willworkforshoes

    I like this commercial a lot, particularly because it turns Manning's calm and collected genius mentality into a tangible property. Let's hope this genius is repeated tomorrow when the Colts play the Raiders.

    It's an away game and the Raiders are a rowdy crowd, so our men in blue need all the support and cheer they can get. Despite lots of people picking the Colts for an outright win, I think it's going to be a tough match. However, I have no doubt that Manning and the Colts will get the job done.

    If anything, as I was shopping for last minute gifts, I stumbled upon this horseshoe shaped necklace (Colts logo) with "Hits the jackpot" engraved on the back. I will take that as a token of luck.

    Go Colts!


    Here are the behind the scenes for the "Manning's Mind" commercial:

    Credit: Manningsmind

    Peyton Manning for NFL Fantasy Football

    Here is a NFL Fantasy football commercial by the Vault, featuring Peyton Manning along with other prominent football players. At the end of the video clip, Manning holds up a trophy one-millionth the size and value of the Lombardi and claims that that is what he plays for:

    Credit: VaultNYC

    Introducing the Peyton Manning Dance

    You would think Snoop Dogg and Peyton Manning would make for an odd combination, but check out this "music video" featuring Snoop Dogg, John Legend, and Number 18:

    Credit: thebsoreport

    I have no words but... LOL.

    As a Colts fan, I felt obliged to learn the moves.

    Peyton Manning's old DirecTV commercial plus outtakes

    Here is one of Peyton Manning's old commercials for DirecTV, along with outtakes during the filming process:

    Credit: MrClassicAds

    Outtakes here (Manning looks super young):

    Credit: bucketmilk

    Week 15: Colts vs. Jaguars 2010 Highlights

    Peyton Manning and the Colts clench a must needed win to stay alive for a playoff spot. The offense, defense, and special teams came together to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 34-24.

    Even though the Colts held a lead throughout the game, the Jaguars made some nice plays to narrow the gap to 3 points towards the end of the game. Tyjuan Hagler caught a really bad onside kick by Josh Scobee and ran it down for a touchdown to seal the win for the Colts.

    My Top 3 WTF moments:
    1. Austin Collie getting injured again. - My heart stopped when I saw him get hit in the head like that again. Collie is so integral to the Colts' offense, you can really feel them come alive whenever he plays. He walked off the field on his own but was out for the rest of the game. Two concussions in such a short span? Poor kid can't catch a break! I hope he gets better for good because he is a really talented player with lots of potential. *Sending good vibes to Mr. Collie*
    2. Donald Brown. - Donald, who? He made up for my earlier disappointments by having a really good game running the ball during a really crucial match up. Brown had two 40+ yard runs and drastically cut down his signature no-gain-run-into-my-teammates'-backs carries. Whoever this Donald Brown is, he definitely showed up and needs stay for good.  
    3. That maybe-maybe not fair catch by Mike Thomas. - Make up your mind and either waive or don't waive. Thomas appeared to signal for a fair catch before running the ball back for a touchdown. Officials said his hand wasn't a full length above his head so the touchdown stood, but I've seen players waive with less enthrall than that. Take a lesson from Blair White and waive like a proper player.
    Watch highlights from the Colts vs. Jaguars game here:

    Credit: 18pmc18, NFL Game Highlights

    One down, two more to go. Let's go Colts!

    Peyton Manning on Sound FX

    Peyton Manning is mic'd up and wired for sound on NFL's Sound FX. You get to hear him call audibles and wander around on the sidelines during games and practice.

    My favorite part is when he goes "How much y'all charge?" and "Y'all didn't spike this did y'all?" to the kids manning the Gatorade table. And speaking of the orange drink, take Manning's advice: the darker colored, "Tennessee orange" stuff is the good stuff. 

    The following clip is a "best of" Peyton Manning's Sound FX compilation:

    Credit: 18pmc18, NFL Sound FX 

    A longer Manning Sound FX episode aired last night, but I wasn't able to record it. It's a shame though because it was pretty funny. In one clip, Manning kept asking this guy over and over again for his chin strap. Every few seconds it was, "Where's my chin strap?" And then a few seconds later, "Of all the things you forget, I can't believe you forgot my chin strap..." A few seconds pause and then, "Where's my chin strap?!"

    Manning sure is persistent. But that's part of what makes him so great.

    UPDATE: Here we go, finally found a clip of Manning asking for his chin strap:


    Vintage Peyton Manning in ESPN All-Access Granted

    Watch Peyton Manning in his last year of college football at the University of Tennessee in 1997 (the sound sync is kind of off in these videos):

    You see a short clip of Ashley Manning, Peyton's wife, in this second part:

    Credit: yankeefanintenn

    Week 14: Peyton Manning post-game interview on NFL Network

    Peyton Manning's post-game interview with NFL Network is worth watching if you haven't seen it already. He is his classic self, being humble and saying all the right things with a touch of humor:

    Credit: theczabe

    Week 14: Colts vs. Titans 2010 Highlights

    Peyton Manning and the Colts win a crucial game against the Titans, beating them 30-28! We really needed a win and overall, the team dynamics felt pretty good:
    • Manning had a great game (ZERO interceptions, by the way)
    • Reggie Wayne made some good catches (including a 50 yarder)
    • Pierre Garcon was on fire (how did he even break out of that tackle clusterfuck to run an extra 40 yards?)
    • Adam Vinatieri is still Mr. Clutch at 37 years old (not that that's old or anything)
    • Special teams recovered a missed hike by the Titans (Taj Smith is really stepping up)
    • Defense played well but unfortunately started to give up yards in the second half and allowed the Titans to narrow the gap. They did enough for tonight, but down the long playoff stretch, enough just won't cut it.
    Blair White blocked a catch meant for Reggie Wayne in the end zone and even though he made a big mistake, he's really developing and will be great for the Colts in the future. Same goes for Jacob Tamme and Javarris James. With Austin Collie and Joseph Addai getting healthy, things are starting to brighten up. The talent for next season seems to have lots of potential too! But I'm getting ahead of myself...

    No doubt there's still lots of work to be done. They need to play better than they did tonight, but Manning and the Colts are chugging along, grinding, and doing the best they can. Just three more must-win games and they make the play-offs. Like Manning said, he may have been in a slump the past few weeks, but hasn't he been on like "an eight and half year hitting streak"? Let's hope that streak continues and never ends!

    Watch highlights from the Colts vs. Titans game in Week 14 here:

    Credit: instantjets, NFL Game Highlights

    And a post-game interview clip where Manning discusses "hanging in there":

    Credit: PierreGarConnoisseur

    Peyton Manning and Mercy Health Partners

    Peyton Manning supports Mercy Health Partners in the following short, but meaningful commercials:

    Credit: Tombras

    Give your kids a Peyton Manning toy for Christmas

    If only...

    Credit: condenetwork

    Jumping on the bandwagon

    Peyton Manning is in a slump. This season proves that Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning. Curtis Painter should play and the Colts need to start looking for Peyton Manning's replacement. The Man is getting old and it shows. Peyton Manning's glory days are over and he is on the decline. The NFL has figured him out. Can't use the injuries as an excuse because every team is dealing with injuries. Can't use the o-line or lack of talent as an excuse either, because look at Tom Brady and Philip Rivers. They are working with a bunch of no-name rookies and not crashing and burning like good ol' choker Peyton Manning. And speaking of choking, that's about the only thing we can count on Peyton Manning to do well.

    I'm usually content with just posting videos of Peyton Manning and the Colts, but this time, give me a second to say...

    Shut.  The.  Fuck.  Up.

    Seriously. What is wrong with everyone? This Peyton Manning hate is just unbelievable. Sure, you can dislike the guy all you want and it's more than fair to say that he hasn't been playing well, but to let a few bad games and a three-game losing streak riddled with unfortunate picks ruin the solid greatness that is this Colts quarterback is like trying to make sense of getting your nuts kicked down your throat (props to those who get this reference). Think about that for a second. That's some messed up shit right there, right?

    I know. Pats fans are loving it. The Bolts think we're Dolts. All the Manning haters are feeling warm and fuzzy inside because the moment has come when they can shout in our faces, "I told you so!" Like Eli, Peyton Manning is the most overrated quarterback ever! And make no mistake that the media is loving it. Finally, they have something juicy to write about. And it's a nice, juicy fat cow too, not some new age funky tofu turkey on crack. There's just no good news like bad news.

    Yes, the day will come when Manning will start to lose his touch. It happens to everyone and even blind devotion and pure loyalty cannot deny this fact. Manning will one day decline, no doubt about it. But so will Brady. And Brees. And Rivers. And when it happens to Manning, I will probably go through the five stages of grief, but just because something is inevitable, doesn't mean it's imminent. And just because something is inevitable, it doesn't make all the things before it somehow not mean anything anymore.

    Everyone is freaking out like it's 11:59pm on December 31, 2011. But seriously, calm down before you punch a baby. Peyton Manning is still the Peyton Manning. He's mostly good and rarely bad and it just so happens that when you're already great, being just great isn't as memorable as the times when you haven't been great. It kind of reminds me of giving Christmas presents to girlfriends. You continually give her good gifts and always try to top what you gave her last year, but what's the present she remembers the most? No, not the diamond studs, but the year you got her a golf club membership. Who doesn't like golf?! But that story's for another time...

    For more than a decade, Peyton Manning has been the central cog of the Colts organization. He's the heart that keeps the blood and life force pumping throughout the franchise. You can argue that without the other organs, the heart would die, but without the heart, the organs don't even stand a chance (and we all know Painter is no pacemaker). It's only natural for there to be tune ups here and there. Look at our economy, look at life: what goes up must come back down in order to go back up again. Let me reiterate, in order to go back up again.

    So cut the Man some slack.


    Because he's earned it.

    You know it, I know it, even Belichick's missing shirt sleeves know it.

    You don't see Peyton trying to spread the blame when he knows it's his fault. You never hear him claim a win as his own, when everyone knows that without Number 18, the Colts wouldn't even have a chance. He doesn't march onto the field wearing a little cheat sheet on his wrist. And for those of you who think he's a wimp, which one of you can honestly say that you will keep playing in a game with a broken jaw?

    There's only so much he can do. Especially when he has little time to throw the ball, mostly inexperienced receivers, no run game to keep the defense honest, and a defense that only shows up in the red zone if it even shows up at all. On top of that, he carries the weight of the organization all by himself. That's got to cause some cracks here and there. What he has done with what he's been given is amazing and I doubt any other person in his position would be able to accomplish all the same things.

    Manning is just one person and he can't do it all. He needs help, from himself, from his team, and from his fans. He's going through a rough patch right now, but give greatness credit where credit is due. To discount long-term gains on short-term losses just doesn't make any sense.

    Allow me to counter some of the recent rumblings:
    1. Peyton Manning is in a slump. - Yup, it appears so. But don't cut your thumb off just yet. Ups and downs are normal. And as abnormally large his forehead is and as abnormally stellar his football skills are, last time I heard, Peyton Manning is still a homo sapien. It's just a slump. It happens and it really sucks, but it happens. Manning might not be mentally there, he could be stressed out, who knows. All we know is that he isn't playing at a level we all know he is capable of playing at and in a way, that's the best kind of proof that he's awesome at what he does. Manning never gives up and the best way to dig yourself out of a rut is to just keep digging. We all know that we can count on Manning to do just that.
    2. Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning. - Tom Brady is an awesome quarterback, but I'll let Nate Dunlevy at 18to88 utterly refute this claim
    3. Curtis Painter should play and the Colts need to start looking for Peyton Manning's replacement. - Is death not an option or something? If Manning was hobbling on one leg, he'd still get picked over a healthy Curtis Painter. Sorry Painter, I'm a big Colts fan, but you've just got to step it up and lord knows you've got the biggest shoes to fill. If the Colts think things are bad right now with Manning not playing at 100%, then they definitely must be scarfing down some special brownies to even slightly consider that Curtis Painter could be the one to turn things around.
    4. Manning is getting old and it shows. - Who would call any other 34 year old, old just for being 34 years old? If anything, Manning is like fine wine, getting better as he ages. He won two MVP awards from the last two years, when he was 33 and 34. He may not be spot on this year, but an off season, pre-season, and half a regular season didn't turn him into a doddering old fool. A short term blip does not predict a long-term downward spiral. If this were true, I would be making tons of money on the stock market. And unfortunately, I am not.
    5. Peyton Manning's glory days are over and he is on the decline. The NFL has figured him out. - There are only so many confident plays you can run with people who are not as familiar with the playbook, so it's easy for opposing teams (who definitely study tape) to focus their attention on counterattacks. With backups of backups and practice squad upgrades playing on the Colts team, there's only so much they can get down in the limited amount of time they have. You see Manning and the Colts huddling more than ever, when his signature no-huddle offense definitely gave them an edge. What has the NFL figured out? That the Colts can't run the ball or stop the run. But honestly, it doesn't take an "expert analyst" to "figure" this out. What football fan hasn't known about that little tidbit for years now? The NFL has figured out that to move the ball, Peyton Manning is probably going to throw because, let's face it, how else will the ball make it down the field? But to say that the NFL has figured out Peyton Manning is a bold claim. Under certain circumstances, the light has shined in a way to reveal some shallow rocks, but you can never be sure of what's hiding in the deep end.    
    6. Can't use injuries as an excuse because every team has injuries. - Getting injured is in the job description for football players. Injuries are not the reason for Manning's recent poor play and even he knows it himself. Manning didn't throw a pick because Collie has a concussion. Manning didn't throw a pick because Bobzilla tore his biceps. But you can't honestly say that the injuries have had no repercussions. Every team has suffered injuries, but when the majority of your offense is a second stringer, third stringer, or worse, it just makes tough games even tougher. Yea, Manning still has Wayne, his number one wide receiver, but Wayne is almost always double covered. Injuries are not an excuse, but they aren't also without impact. 
    7. Can't use the o-line or lack of talent as an excuse, because look at Tom Brady and Philip Rivers. They are working with a bunch of no-name rookies and not crashing and burning like good ol' choker Peyton Manning. - Wasn't Manning working with a bunch of rookies last year? And look at what Manning and the team managed to do then. This season, not only is Manning working with rookies, he's working with rookies that wouldn't have even made the team. Players are backups for backups for backups and people who have been snatched from the practice squad because there simply is no one else. Brady and Rivers may also be playing with rookies, but those rookies are rookies who made the start and who weren't kept on the practice squad or cut from the team for a reason.
    8. And speaking of choking, that's about the only thing we can count on Peyton Manning to do well. - How convenient to only remember the bad things and forget about all the good things he has done. It's like this with regular news too. We forget about all the good things going on in society and tend to only remember the stories about murders, crimes, and wars. But look at all the late fourth quarter comebacks Manning has made in his career. The Colts have won games purely on his leadership and his will to win them. In some of the recent games, if the defense was a little better, if someone didn't drop a ball, if a flag wasn't thrown and the Colts won those close games, none of this "oh run for the hills!" Peyton Manning slump talk would exist. He tried to make things happen and kind of shot himself in the foot in the process, and kept going, but it just didn't work out. And you can't count on Manning to choke if he brings games back from the brink of death for all the times he's done it.
    Finally, to those calling for the Colts to give up to get a better draft position next year, please go and grow a pair. We play to win. Simple as that. Any other fan saying otherwise is not a true fan at all. No one thought the Giants would beat the Patriots, but they got hot and did just that. We might not look like winners right now, but the fact is, you never know what's going to happen so you will always have a chance to win. Manning only has so many more seasons left in his career and you want him to just give up because we're a little banged up and he's frustrated?

    No doubt lots of things have to be addressed in the off season, but staying in the fight is the only option. The only way Manning and the Colts can lose is if they stop trying and we all know that is something Manning will never stop doing. So have a little faith and have a lot of heart. Our blood runs blue and we're in it for the Big One.

    Week 13: Colts vs. Cowboys 2010 Highlights

    I don't even know what to say after tonight's game. It was so intense, my butt was clenched the whole way through and now it won't unclench itself. I thought Peyton Manning and the Colts would come back and win it, but it was not to be.

    Yea, yea, Manning had four picks... again. Two returned for a touchdown... again. Is he in a slump? Or is he playing injured? Or is he just trying to do too much with too little and stressing himself out? I say all of the above. But what comes up must come down (come down just a tad in Manning's case) in order to go back up again, so I believe Manning will be fine. No, Father Time's not catching up with him. Manning has much more left in his tank.

    With all of the Colts' mistakes tonight, they still put up a good fight. The last touchdown drive before OT was especially amazing.

    Watch the highlights of the Colts vs. Cowboys game here:

    Credit: CowboysForever81

    Credit: CowboysMedia1, NFL Game Highlights

    I don't know if it's time to throw in the towel for playoffs, but they are not looking like a contender for anything close to the Super Bowl. I love Manning and the Colts to death. They have a lot of work to do, but I know they can do it! Go Colts!

    Peyton Manning and the Colts - Sony 3D Advantage Commercial

    Peyton Manning, Jeff Saturday, and other Colts' players are featured in this funny commercial for Sony 3D Advantage. Manning and Saturday stay in their positions, even when they are passing popcorn instead of pigskin:

    Credit: sonyelectronics

    Are you Peyton Manning's Ultimate Displaced Fan?

    Peyton Manning is looking for the Ultimate Displaced Colts Fan. Submit videos, essays, or photographs (and watch Peyton do his thing) here to prove your passion for your favorite team and win a trip for two to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas.

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    This fan contest is sponsored by DirecTV.

    Check out Peyton Manning's Ultimate Displaced Fan message from 2009:

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