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One of Marvin Harrison's best catches from Peyton Manning during the Colts vs. Titans game in 2003. Pierre Garcon's one handed Magneto-glove catch last year was pretty awesome too.


Man, I miss Harrison, James, and Glenn. Though Blair White reminds me a bit of Stokely.

Blast from the Past: Colts vs. Buccaneers Full 2003 Game

If there is no football this year, I'm certain I will present my family practitioner with a number of football withdrawal symptoms. I'm only guessing, but based on my past behavior, these symptoms would probably range from yelling "get open, get open!" at slow automatic sliding doors to stuffing my shirt with a football and walking around like that for the whole day. In the office. At the park. While running my upcoming half-marathon. Some girls like to stuff their bras. I like to pretend I'm 7 months pregnant and about to give birth to a giant, pig-skin covered olive.

I don't know.

Football makes me do weird things.

But, I found this little gem: the full Monday Night Miracle game! The one where the Colts kick major ass when least expected on one of their awesome comebacks from behind. Peyton Manning and company went to town and put a bow on Tony Dungy's birthday present when they played against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2003 and won.

Here is the whole game. Enjoy!

You think you miss football? Imagine being these guys.

This is one of my many favorite Manning family commercials. Peyton and his brother Eli play a bunch of games over the summer, like Hungry Hungry Hippos and what I assume is Dance Dance Revolution (do people still play that? I'm way out of the video game loop. I mean, I'm still stuck on Aero Fighters). It's funny when Eli says, "Connect four!" and Peyton responds with, "I didn't see that coming."


These two quarterbacks probably have their hands full with their newborns though!

Round 1 of the NFL Draft is tonight.

Good luck Blue! 

Sunday Night Football: Some Peyton Manning bloopers

With Judge Susan Nelson lifting the NFL lockout, football in 2011 moves one step closer to reality. In reminiscence of the many Sundays I've spent carving out an ass-dent on my living room sofa, here are some bloopers from Sunday Night Football promos:


Football is still not a sure thing yet (the NFL has appealed the ruling), but Peyton Manning has been keeping busy with his receivers, including Blaire White. White has been working out with Manning and I have a really good feeling about the two of them when it comes time to march onto the field.

Manning knows he can't afford to lose a year because he's running out of time. Here's to football in 2011 and a Colts Super Bowl win in 2012!

Also, read this article about talking football with Archie, Peyton, and Eli. It's really funny. In it, Peyton talks about "tanking the NFL baseline concussion tests," but it was probably made in jest as Archie slapped him on the forehead after he made the comment. This article here seems to be making a big deal out of nothing.

Colts NFL 2011 Schedule

A cursory glance at the upcoming schedule suggests that this season (if there is a season) will be a tough one for Peyton Manning and the Colts. We open at home (my home) against the Houston Texans, but unfortunately I will be out of town and won't be able to attend. It sucks because I would have worn my Colts snuggie to the game in whatever humid, hot weather Houston brings us that time of the year.

Manning and the Colts then play the Steelers at home and the Saints and Patriots at away games. Do I smell redemption at the Super Dome? And a beat down at Foxboro? I sure hope so.

Week One: @ Houston

Week Two: Cleveland

Week Three: Pittsburgh

Week Four: @ Tampa Bay

Week Five: Kansas City

Week Six: @ Cincinnati

Week Seven: @ New Orleans

Week Eight: @ Tennessee

Week Nine: Atlanta

Week Ten: Jacksonville

Week Eleven: Bye

Week Twelve: Carolina

Week Thirteen: @ New England

Week Fourteen: @ Baltimore

Week Fifteen: Tennessee

Week Sixteen: Houston

Week Seventeen: @ Jacksonville

Best thing about this schedule? No Philip Rivers.

I will be rubbing my lucky horseshoe that the Colts draft well, stay healthy, and have a coach who will make the right calls when it counts.

Go blue!

Peyton Manning believes there will be a regular season

During his speech at the Salvation Army 18th annual William Booth Benefit Dinner, Peyton Manning said, "I certainly believe there will be a normal football season... I do think the closer we get to the regular season, the more of a deadline there is to get this resolved and we will have a normal season." Number 18 thinks the lockout will end before fall.

If the Field General says so, then it must be true!

Manning also brought along Colts wide receivers Austin Collie and Anthony Gonzalez. The three of them enjoyed bro time and played some golf.

Read the full article at Tulsa World here.

Workout during Lockout?

As the 2010 football season came to a close, I mentioned that I would post Peyton Manning's 2004 game highlights during the off season. Well, with the uncertainty of the NFL this year, I figured I'd hold off on that project because if there isn't going to be football this year (it pains me to even think that), then we could all re-live one of Manning and the Colt's best seasons during the would-be regular season. Sorry for those of you who were expecting the video highlights right away.

So far though, things for 2011 seem like they are going to happen. The NFL already released a preseason schedule for the Colts.

If they don't happen, rest in peace that Manning and many Colts players will be doing training on their own.

Austin Collie says, “Come the beginning of April, we’re going to come together... And if they’re not already … I’ve talked to Peyton a few times, and I know he’s already working out with a few guys in Indianapolis. Mid-April is when I think we’re going to come together and get a little throwing in.”

It's pretty much mid-April now, so maybe they've already gotten together and started practicing. I know Big P will have his hands extra-full with his newborns, but it's good to know that football is still a priority. Collie sounds like he's healed up pretty well. Dallas Clark's wrist should be rehabbing finely too. And speaking of Clark, make sure to catch him on Criminal Minds tonight!

Proud Papa P


Wow. It's not like I had the children, but my level of excitement for Peyton Manning's new twins is like I gave birth to them myself.

Why, hello Marshall Manning. And, hello to you too Miss Mosley Manning!

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