Peyton Manning is walking!

Peyton Manning is doing nothing other than moving his two legs briskly around the Colts' practice facility, but to me, him walking laps is awesome news. Not awesome in that it makes me think he will be back this season, but awesome in that it banished the mental image I had of Manning being immobile and strapped down in a hospital bed wearing a thick neck brace.

Peyton Manning walking around the Colts' practice facility

It is very encouraging to see him up and about. He even joked around with the cameramen saying, "Can I get this for my scrapbook? Pretty exciting, huh?"

There's a video clip of Manning walking his laps at ESPN.

ESPN spoke to Archie Manning about Peyton at the Giants' game and Archie said Peyton was sore for a week after the surgery, but is now feeling better and in better spirits. Archie doesn't know if Manning will play this season and he also didn't say anything about the stem cell procedure.

Besides struggling to get healthy, ESPN reported that Peyton's also struggling with how to feel and how much time to spend around the Colts. He wants to be there and help the team, but also doesn't want to "overload" and be around too much.

As a fan, I don't see any reason why his presence would be anything but positive.

Get well soon, Peyton!

Go Colts!


Dan said...

Just retire man! You don't need any more of the NFL crap. Just relax and do whatever you want to do.

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