Super Bowl = Sad

I am bummmmmmmed out about the Colts' loss. I mean, being from the south, the Super Bowl win will give the city of New Orleans the huge boost it needs. And the Saints and Drew Brees played some awesome football.

But duuuuuuuuuude. When Peyton had 3 minutes left, I was like, "Yea, yea, yea!!! He can do this! Just like in that game against Houston. Come on! Let's go!" And then at 4th and 5 when the ball slipped through Reggie Wayne's hands, I felt like time passed in slow motion. Ugh.

But it's alright. The Colts had an awesome season with an awesome start that just didn't end in the most awesome way. More fuel to keep them grinding on through next season right?

Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie will be ever better.

Peyton and his legacy will be just fine.

And the Colts will win 2012 when Indy hosts the Super Bowl.

Just you watch. 

Well, here's the funny Betty White commercial to lift your spirits. I know I'm in mourning.

Credit: LOSNewsTeam


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