2009 Peyton Manning Highlights

Wow, I've been on football hiatus for far too long. Sorry about the lack of updates!

According to USA Today, Peyton Manning underwent neck surgery to relieve a pinched nerve and fortunately all is going well and he should be able to start throwing ball next month.

I haven't been following the draft, but here are my two cents on recent happenings:
  1. Colts cut Jim Sorgi - I expected that to happen. Man, does that guy have an awesome job or what? I know football players want to play, but dude, he is pretty much a millionaire for not having to do a whole lot. It also looks like his shoulder injury is healing up nicely, since the Giants signed him to back up Peyton's brother, Eli Manning. I'm actually somewhat relieved that he's with another Manning because I wouldn't want him spilling Peyton's beans to a rival team or something.
  2. Donovan McNabb's trade to the Redskins - WTF!
I miss me some football, so here are some of Peyton Manning's highlights in the 2009 season (an awesome, dramatic vid, by the way):

Credit: whitetdjpaka


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