Up to his neck in criticism?

People criticized Peyton Manning for not showing up at the first NFL hearing. Turns out, his wife was having twins.

Recently, people have been criticizing Manning on his silence, as if Manning not talking to the media somehow undermines his very obvious and never ending desire to play football. That would be like telling Monica, "Hey, you like things clean." Could it also be that he just wants some peace and quiet as he recovers from his second neck surgery?

This off season, people seem bored and with no good stories to report on, so they just twist small incidences into as a big a thing as possible. Who cares that Manning is holding secret practices? I love the Colts to death, but I don't need to know where they are practicing or what kind of drills they are running. I personally get more and better work done when I know I'm not being watched. Maybe that's the kind of natural practice that they want, so they don't have to deal with any extra fluff?

Whatever. I have two words for the media: BUTT HURT.

Peyton Manning is easily my favorite person in the world, but he is still a person, and regardless of his celebrity, he deserves privacy and owes us nothing but playing good football, which is what he tries to do every single year.

He doesn't seem as active promoting his charities this off season (understandable), but here is Manning answering questions at the Lutheran High School of Indianapolis on May 16, 2011:


Seriously, let's end this lockout and get back to football.

Wishing Manning a speedy recovery. Go Colts!


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