Peyton Manning ruled out for Week 1

Well, it's official.

Peyton Manning will not play Week 1 against the Texans this upcoming Sunday. Man, I feel for him. It really sucks that his iron man streak will come to an to end. It will suck not seeing him play.

Here's what 18 had to say about it:

"To say I am disappointed in not being able to play is an understatement,” it read. “The best part about football is being out there on the field playing with my teammates. It will be tough not to be out there playing for the organization and our fans.

“I simply am not healthy enough to play, and I am doing everything I can to get my health back. The team will do fine without me, and I know for sure that I will miss them much more than they will miss me


Get well soon, Peyton.

I will be praying to the Football Gods for his speedy recovery every single day. 


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