Week 12: Colts vs. Chargers 2010 Highlights

What, does Cris Collinsworth want to have a secret lovechild with Philip Rivers or something?

"You gotta love this kid."

"This kid just loves football."

"You gotta love this kid."

"This kid is just a bundle of energy and gets everyone around him all excited!"

"You just gotta love this kid."

We get it. You wish you were the guy on the bottom:

But okay, okay. I'm done making lame digs that don't even make any sense.

Rivers is a good quarterback and tonight just wasn't Peyton Manning's night. What a disappointing game. It certainly was not the beat down I was expecting. I thought the Colts still had a chance at halftime. Actually, I almost always think they have a chance, even in the fourth quarter, as long as the ball is in the hands of Number 18. But today was one of the rare days when I finally had to admit defeat.

Here are the highlights for the Colts vs. Chargers game, final score 36-14:

Credit: RandyOrtonrko22, NFL Game Highlights

If you are bummed out about the loss (like me) or just really don't like Philip Rivers (like me), these pictures will cheer you up:

Gotta admit, it's kind of hard to hate someone when you are in awe of their stellar range of facial contortions.


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