Week 11: Colts vs. Patriots 2010 Highlights

I really, really, really thought Peyton Manning and the Colts would stage another comeback for the win. You could just feel them getting hot in the second half. If only Manning didn't throw that last pick... But you know, considering the three interceptions, multiple penalties, sucky defense, and injured players, I think Manning and the Colts did pretty well. The Patriots played a really good game against a not-so-perfect Colts team and it was still a nail-biter to the end. Manning is going to be under fire for losing the game, but the game would have already been lost if he didn't suit up. Cut the man some slack. Look at what he has done for his team ever since he took his first snap as a rookie!

And while I'm at it, give Pierre Garcon a break too. Yea, he's made mistakes and yea, Manning may be frustrated with him, but he's playing with a hamstring injury and may just be having an off-year. Let's hope he gets better towards the end of the season, like he did in 2009.

On a side note, I was surprised to see Austin Collie play. Each hit he took after catching a ball made me cringe. Even though I wished someone with his skill set could stay on the field, I was relieved when they pulled him from the game. Manning will need his good receivers healthy for the tough matches ahead!

Here are highlights from the Colts vs. Patriots game, Patriots winning it 31-28:

Credit: carylwhytierchessman, NFL Game Highlights

Next game is with the Chargers. I have an irrational dislike for Phillip Rivers. So, come on Colts! Lets get healthy, get some more reps down, and give Rivers a nice beat down at home.


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