Colts NFL 2011 Schedule

A cursory glance at the upcoming schedule suggests that this season (if there is a season) will be a tough one for Peyton Manning and the Colts. We open at home (my home) against the Houston Texans, but unfortunately I will be out of town and won't be able to attend. It sucks because I would have worn my Colts snuggie to the game in whatever humid, hot weather Houston brings us that time of the year.

Manning and the Colts then play the Steelers at home and the Saints and Patriots at away games. Do I smell redemption at the Super Dome? And a beat down at Foxboro? I sure hope so.

Week One: @ Houston

Week Two: Cleveland

Week Three: Pittsburgh

Week Four: @ Tampa Bay

Week Five: Kansas City

Week Six: @ Cincinnati

Week Seven: @ New Orleans

Week Eight: @ Tennessee

Week Nine: Atlanta

Week Ten: Jacksonville

Week Eleven: Bye

Week Twelve: Carolina

Week Thirteen: @ New England

Week Fourteen: @ Baltimore

Week Fifteen: Tennessee

Week Sixteen: Houston

Week Seventeen: @ Jacksonville

Best thing about this schedule? No Philip Rivers.

I will be rubbing my lucky horseshoe that the Colts draft well, stay healthy, and have a coach who will make the right calls when it counts.

Go blue!


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