Workout during Lockout?

As the 2010 football season came to a close, I mentioned that I would post Peyton Manning's 2004 game highlights during the off season. Well, with the uncertainty of the NFL this year, I figured I'd hold off on that project because if there isn't going to be football this year (it pains me to even think that), then we could all re-live one of Manning and the Colt's best seasons during the would-be regular season. Sorry for those of you who were expecting the video highlights right away.

So far though, things for 2011 seem like they are going to happen. The NFL already released a preseason schedule for the Colts.

If they don't happen, rest in peace that Manning and many Colts players will be doing training on their own.

Austin Collie says, “Come the beginning of April, we’re going to come together... And if they’re not already … I’ve talked to Peyton a few times, and I know he’s already working out with a few guys in Indianapolis. Mid-April is when I think we’re going to come together and get a little throwing in.”

It's pretty much mid-April now, so maybe they've already gotten together and started practicing. I know Big P will have his hands extra-full with his newborns, but it's good to know that football is still a priority. Collie sounds like he's healed up pretty well. Dallas Clark's wrist should be rehabbing finely too. And speaking of Clark, make sure to catch him on Criminal Minds tonight!


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