Sunday Night Football: Some Peyton Manning bloopers

With Judge Susan Nelson lifting the NFL lockout, football in 2011 moves one step closer to reality. In reminiscence of the many Sundays I've spent carving out an ass-dent on my living room sofa, here are some bloopers from Sunday Night Football promos:


Football is still not a sure thing yet (the NFL has appealed the ruling), but Peyton Manning has been keeping busy with his receivers, including Blaire White. White has been working out with Manning and I have a really good feeling about the two of them when it comes time to march onto the field.

Manning knows he can't afford to lose a year because he's running out of time. Here's to football in 2011 and a Colts Super Bowl win in 2012!

Also, read this article about talking football with Archie, Peyton, and Eli. It's really funny. In it, Peyton talks about "tanking the NFL baseline concussion tests," but it was probably made in jest as Archie slapped him on the forehead after he made the comment. This article here seems to be making a big deal out of nothing.


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