Week 16: Colts vs. Raiders 2010 Highlights

As God has appeared to smite the Colts during the course of this regular NFL season, today the die rolled in favor of the men in blue: the Chiefs beat the Titans, the Jaguars lost to the Redskins (making a Colts' loss today meaningless), and the Bengals whooped the Chargers (taking our Achilles heel out of playoff contention). Three weeks ago, the Colts were in the dirt and Manning was in the worst slump of his career. Fast forward three games and the Colts are back in contention, leading the way. Manning was off sync with his passing game today (2 picks), but the Colts refused to be smote.

My Top WTF Moments:
  1. The Colts are running the ball.... again! - Donald Brown, Joseph Addai, Dominic Rhodes, and even Peyton Manning himself had quite the running day. For a team ranked 28th in the NFL for rushing, we did a darn good job running the ball, averaging close to 5 yards per carry as a team. Brown and Addai had some good gains and boy, I've really missed Addai blocking at the line. I was actually expecting to see a little more of Brown, given his breakout performance in last week's game, but with Rhodes running like a man possessed, I had nothing to complain about. Rhodes is older, but he looked younger and stronger than ever. Manning capped off a mediocre offensive performance by running 27 yards all the way down to the Raiders' 4 yard line. I'm sure he could have made the touchdown, but after sliding, he took two knees to end the game with a respectable margin. Unlike well-known stat-padder, Tom Brady.
  2. Cut that meat - What a way for the defense to carry the team! With Manning and the offense out of stride, the defense did their job by sending the Raiders on numerous three-and-outs. Notoriously crappy on away games, they really stepped up today, just like they did last week against the Jaguars. I almost had a heart attack when Antoine Bethea was injured though, but fortunately, he was only a little shaken up. Let's keep this defensive fire burning!
  3. Penalty flags - There was a lot of yellow being thrown on the field today. Luckily, most of the calls were on the Raiders, with Peyton catching the Pirates for two offsides. Jeff Saturday actually got into it with some of the Raiders' players, but I'm glad the situation didn't escalate into a Andre Johnson-Cortland Finnegan fist fight. It was more like a rendition of Saturday's "I'll knock you out" to Houston's Mario Williams.
  4. Conservative Caldwell - I'm always screaming at my TV when the Colts are at 4th and 1 and decide to punt. Just go for it! You have Number 18 in the bank! And this is a "playoff" game! The Colts could have kicked a field goal in the fourth quarter, but Caldwell punted to the Raiders for them to score a touchdown on their ensuing drive. That left everyone antsy for the onside kick, but luckily Tamme jumped up like a great white shark to recover the ball. I understand the need to be cautious (God knows I'm highly risk averse), but sometimes Caldwell needs to stop being such a punt-loving, conservative coach. It's only his second year as head coach, but let's hope he does nothing but improve in the years to come.
  5. Austin Collie on the sidelines - I was surprised to see him there. After his multiple concussions, I thought he'd be bubble-wrapped and forced to take 3 hour naps around the clock. I didn't think he'd fly out with the team, but I was really happy to see him dressed in streets clothes and looking well. I know some people are calling for him to retire, but he seems like he's going to be okay. He just needs to take some time off and think things through. Here's to Collie getting better soon! 
  6. Jacoby Ford return for a touchdown - Special teams, WTF?! This gave me eerie flashbacks to Super Bowl XLI, but then I calmed myself because... the Colts won that Super Bowl! At any rate, having kickoffs returned for a touchdown is not good.
Watch highlights from the Colts vs. Raiders game here:

Credit: 18pmc18, NFL Game Highlights

Though the offense seems a bit rusty in the passing game, hopefully the renewed running game and defense will make up for the lack of timing between Peyton and his receivers.

One more game left against the Titans and it's a home game. If we win/tie or Jacksonville loses against Houston, we're in the playoffs. We can do it! I know we can!

Go Colts! Hit the jackpot!


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