Peyton Manning is going Bowlin'

Peyton Manning was selected third in line to go to the 2011 Pro Bowl in Hawaii. Tom Brady was chosen first and Philip Rivers second. In the NFC, the quarterback lineup is Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, and Drew Brees, in that order. The only other Colts' who made the roster were: Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney, and Robert Mathis. So much for fan voting!

I can't remember the last time I actually watched a Pro Bowl game. I only think of two things when I hear Pro Bowl: 1) the word stupid and 2) Manning in an ugly red jersey. At any rate, here's a nice flashback to the 2008 Pro Bowl when Kassim Osgood play-interviewed Manning. Osgood talks about how he dropped a perfect pass from Manning and Manning sarcastically retorts, "There was really no excuse whatsoever for you not to catch it." I also like how he plugged in his undeniable trust in Reggie Wayne. If Reggie misses a pass, it's okay. He'll still throw to him a second time because he knows he will make the catch then. For some reason, hearing that made me feel extra optimistic for the Colts.

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The 2011 Pro Bowl is only a month away, but I'm going to be bold, Naga Viper bold, and say that Peyton won't be showing up as a reserve. Not because Tom Brady is going to pass and go purse shopping instead, but because the Colts are going to go to the Super Bowl. Wishful thinking? Maybe. Impossible? Most certainly not.

I know, I know. I shouldn't get ahead of myself... but I'm just so proud of how much this beat up team has accomplished. No run game? Boom, 100+ yards rushing in the last two games. Weak defense? Boom, who's stopping the runs now? Manning in a slump? Nope. Don't think so. It seems like the Colts are finally finding their stride.

However, they have a tough fight ahead of them should they (and they probably will) win against the Titans this upcoming Sunday and make the playoffs. I've got a feeling that they have some magic blue fairy dust hiding under their shoulder pads and helmets though! Feelings don't win football games, but then again, that's why I stay glued to the sofa every Sunday while Number 18 and the Colts go out and make things happen.

Go Colts! Let's hit the jackpot!


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