Peyton Manning on Sound FX

Peyton Manning is mic'd up and wired for sound on NFL's Sound FX. You get to hear him call audibles and wander around on the sidelines during games and practice.

My favorite part is when he goes "How much y'all charge?" and "Y'all didn't spike this did y'all?" to the kids manning the Gatorade table. And speaking of the orange drink, take Manning's advice: the darker colored, "Tennessee orange" stuff is the good stuff. 

The following clip is a "best of" Peyton Manning's Sound FX compilation:

Credit: 18pmc18, NFL Sound FX 

A longer Manning Sound FX episode aired last night, but I wasn't able to record it. It's a shame though because it was pretty funny. In one clip, Manning kept asking this guy over and over again for his chin strap. Every few seconds it was, "Where's my chin strap?" And then a few seconds later, "Of all the things you forget, I can't believe you forgot my chin strap..." A few seconds pause and then, "Where's my chin strap?!"

Manning sure is persistent. But that's part of what makes him so great.

UPDATE: Here we go, finally found a clip of Manning asking for his chin strap:



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