Week 14: Colts vs. Titans 2010 Highlights

Peyton Manning and the Colts win a crucial game against the Titans, beating them 30-28! We really needed a win and overall, the team dynamics felt pretty good:
  • Manning had a great game (ZERO interceptions, by the way)
  • Reggie Wayne made some good catches (including a 50 yarder)
  • Pierre Garcon was on fire (how did he even break out of that tackle clusterfuck to run an extra 40 yards?)
  • Adam Vinatieri is still Mr. Clutch at 37 years old (not that that's old or anything)
  • Special teams recovered a missed hike by the Titans (Taj Smith is really stepping up)
  • Defense played well but unfortunately started to give up yards in the second half and allowed the Titans to narrow the gap. They did enough for tonight, but down the long playoff stretch, enough just won't cut it.
Blair White blocked a catch meant for Reggie Wayne in the end zone and even though he made a big mistake, he's really developing and will be great for the Colts in the future. Same goes for Jacob Tamme and Javarris James. With Austin Collie and Joseph Addai getting healthy, things are starting to brighten up. The talent for next season seems to have lots of potential too! But I'm getting ahead of myself...

No doubt there's still lots of work to be done. They need to play better than they did tonight, but Manning and the Colts are chugging along, grinding, and doing the best they can. Just three more must-win games and they make the play-offs. Like Manning said, he may have been in a slump the past few weeks, but hasn't he been on like "an eight and half year hitting streak"? Let's hope that streak continues and never ends!

Watch highlights from the Colts vs. Titans game in Week 14 here:

Credit: instantjets, NFL Game Highlights

And a post-game interview clip where Manning discusses "hanging in there":

Credit: PierreGarConnoisseur


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