Week 15: Colts vs. Jaguars 2010 Highlights

Peyton Manning and the Colts clench a must needed win to stay alive for a playoff spot. The offense, defense, and special teams came together to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 34-24.

Even though the Colts held a lead throughout the game, the Jaguars made some nice plays to narrow the gap to 3 points towards the end of the game. Tyjuan Hagler caught a really bad onside kick by Josh Scobee and ran it down for a touchdown to seal the win for the Colts.

My Top 3 WTF moments:
  1. Austin Collie getting injured again. - My heart stopped when I saw him get hit in the head like that again. Collie is so integral to the Colts' offense, you can really feel them come alive whenever he plays. He walked off the field on his own but was out for the rest of the game. Two concussions in such a short span? Poor kid can't catch a break! I hope he gets better for good because he is a really talented player with lots of potential. *Sending good vibes to Mr. Collie*
  2. Donald Brown. - Donald, who? He made up for my earlier disappointments by having a really good game running the ball during a really crucial match up. Brown had two 40+ yard runs and drastically cut down his signature no-gain-run-into-my-teammates'-backs carries. Whoever this Donald Brown is, he definitely showed up and needs stay for good.  
  3. That maybe-maybe not fair catch by Mike Thomas. - Make up your mind and either waive or don't waive. Thomas appeared to signal for a fair catch before running the ball back for a touchdown. Officials said his hand wasn't a full length above his head so the touchdown stood, but I've seen players waive with less enthrall than that. Take a lesson from Blair White and waive like a proper player.
Watch highlights from the Colts vs. Jaguars game here:

Credit: 18pmc18, NFL Game Highlights

One down, two more to go. Let's go Colts!


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