Magic 8 Ball - Colts vs. Titans Week 17 Preview

Sunday will mark the last week of the regular season for NFL football. If Peyton Manning and the Colts win over the Titans, the Colts will have made the playoffs for nine straight seasons. Nine. Can you believe that? If Manning and company were a sitcom show, they'd be on TV for as long as Friends.

If the Colts make the playoffs, and I think they will, everyone on the team deserves the hardest, butt-numbing butt slap for what they've been able to accomplish so far this season. Their injury situation has been talked to death, so I'll just tip my hat to them and leave it at that.

Today, my magic 8 ball will be answering the questions on all of our minds as the game approaches:
  1. Will Jeff Fisher shave his mustache? - Cannot predict now.
  2. Are the Titans going to run 2 fake punts and 1 onside kick? -  Better not tell you now.
  3. Is Dominic Rhodes still possessed? - Yes - definitely.
  4. Are any other Colts' running backs possessed? - As I see it, yes.
  5. Will Clint Session play on defense? - Ask me again later.
  6. Will the Colts stop Chris Johnson? - Outlook not so good.
  7. Will the Jaguars lose? - Outlook good.
  8. Will the Colts win against the Titans this upcoming Sunday? - Without a doubt.
I like all of those answers except for number 6.

Without further ado, here is the game preview for the Colts vs. Titans match up:

Credit: 18pmc18, NFL Game Previews

Let's go Colts! We beat the Titans last time and we can do it again.


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