2011 Wild Card Playoffs: Peyton Manning Interviews

Here are some of Peyton Manning's 2011 wild card playoff interviews.

Peyton Manning's pre-game interview with Bob Costas:

Manning says the Jets are a better team this year and the Colts are not. I also liked how he asked Bob Costas what "bombastic" means when he obviously knows the answer. And the only borderline-negative thing, if it can even be considered negative, he says about Caldwell is that he is an "effective communicator." I wonder if Manning ever tells him that he needs to take some risks some of the time.

Credit: teej813

He looked quite tired after the game though.

Peyton Manning's post-game interview:

* * *

Credit: teej813

He didn't spread the blame. Nothing but the typical, polished Manning interview.


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