Colts lose to the Jets who beat the Patriots

I hate the Jets, but I hate the Patriots more. Am I glad the Jets won? It's more like I'm happy the Patriots lost.

I don't like the Jets (enough with the fake injury acting) or the Steelers (um, rapist?), so I'm hoping a team from the NFC wins the Super Bowl this year. Ideally it'd be: Jets over Steelers, Packers over Bears, and Packers putting the Jets back in their place in a February showdown.

One thing I like about the Patriots is that Bill Belichick has some balls. That's probably where his shirt sleeves have gone into hiding. The man tried a trick play, which failed. He went for it on 4th and 13, which failed. He called two onside kicks, which both failed. It makes me shake my head at Caldwell and his automatic punts at 4th and 1.

After tonight's loss to the Jets, I wonder how many people are going to call Tom Brady a choke job. Or who is going to say that he's getting old and his window is closing. Or how many Brady apologists will come out of the woodwork, like how January is supposedly the time of year for Peyton Manning apologists.


Tom Brady and the Patriots? One and done.

Tom Brady is happy


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