Blast from the Past: Colts vs. Jets 2010 AFC Championship Game Highlights

Peyton Manning and the Colts play the New York Jets this Saturday in the first round of playoffs. The two teams played twice last year, with the Jets winning a meaningless game in December when Caldwell decided to rest starters. However, in their second match up, the Colts went on to win the AFC Championship game.

I remember watching that game. And I distinctly recall feeling worried at the end of the first half.

The Jets came out roaring and sacked Manning twice from the get go. Number 18 was visibly frustrated and our defense was visibly asleep. In the days leading up to the game, all everyone could talk about was the Colts' decision to rest starters and how that would kill their momentum. And with the Jets leading into the half, could it be that those people were actually right?

However, something happened in the locker room during half time. Manning and company returned to the field only to carve up the Jets' defense and win the game, 30-17.

Watch the highlights from the 2010 AFC Championship game here:

Credit: GoTitans102831

This highlight reel made me nostalgic, worried, and proud all at the same time.

Nostalgic for the 2009 team when our starters were healthy, worried for the Colts team this year because most of the guys making plays in the highlight reel are now on IR, but ultimately proud because our men in blue have truly done a great job. The personnel changes were unexpected and the in-season adjustments were shaky at times, but Manning and the Colts just kept chugging along. In fact, the C in Colts should stand for Comeback. 

As for the game this Saturday against the Jets, the Colts have a good shot at winning. I'll bust out my magic 8 ball to answer questions about the game tomorrow.


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