Peyton Manning is the most powerful athlete

Peyton Manning was named the number one most powerful athlete by Business Week, taking over the spot from Tiger Woods.

"That's right, bitches"

Big P is a great quarterback, hard working, funny, and overall, a pretty good guy.

There hasn't been much to update on this blog ever since the Colts were eliminated from the playoffs, but I will start posting highlights from Manning's 2004 season after the Super Bowl.

Manning and the Colts are still working on getting the kinks out of his contract. The Colts made an offer last week, but Manning's agent said the meeting was "uneventful." Is it just me or does Tom Condon represent everyone in NFL?!

I hope the contract is favorable to both Manning and the Colts organization. He doesn't need the money, but he can't take too little or he will not be doing his other fellow players justice. He can't take too much either or there won't be enough money left for the Colts to sign the players they need to make a serious run at the Super Bowl. Lord knows they have a lot they need to fix this off season. I know they'll get it done though.

Go Colts!


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