How Peyton Manning prepares for football games

You've all heard it.

Everyone knows it.

Even Peyton Manning himself acknowledges that he's a preparation freak. But, what exactly does he do to prepare himself for football games?

Tony Dungy, former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, answers this question in his video posted on All Pro Dad:

Credit: AllProDadTV

There you have it.

Peyton Manning studies a lot of film. A lot of film. A. lot. of. film.

Even after the Titans win, Coach Caldwell said:
"I do know a fact there was one guy over here watching film already last night after the game was over with getting ready for the next opponent.”
How much do you want to bet that that "one guy" was Number 18? 

I also like how Rex Ryan took a shot at Tom Brady when he said:
"I know Brady thinks he does [study like Manning]," Ryan said. "I think there's a little more help from (Bill) Belichick with Brady than there is with Peyton Manning."

Manning has his preparation and pregame rituals, but we fans must prepare as well for tomorrow's wild card challenge. Rumor is that there might be a greater than normal number of Jets' fans in the stadium, so ladies, prepare to bare your feet. 

Will flashes of sexy toes cause micro lapses of concentration in Rex Ryan? Be them lapses of a carnal nature or irritated shrug off? Definitely possible.

I don't have the good fortune of going to the game in person, so I will have to relay my 12th man via kindred spirit. To all blue blooders in attendance, be loud and be proud. Pipe in that defense!

Let's go Colts! Hit the jackpot!


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