Off-season schedule for Peyton Manning Central

There is a lot of uncertainty for the Colts' off-season. Everyone is asking questions like, who are they going to keep, who are they going to draft, how much is Peyton going to get paid, is Peyton's window really closing, etc. No question is more important than whether there will still be football next year. I think it's greedy and hypocritical for the owners to demand an 18-game season, but hopefully an agreement will be worked out. I would hate for Manning to lose a year and another chance for a ring.

As far as the Colts' personnel go, I know for sure Manning will be re-signed. He is, after all, the face of the organization. Caldwell and Polian will probably still have their jobs, regardless of what fans think. I also hope the Colts retain Adam Vinatieri and Joseph Addai, along with Blair White and Javarris James. James might be a long shot, but I really have a soft spot for Baby J. White, by the way, needs to put on some muscle over the off-season. Bob Sanders and Anthony Gonzalez, on the other hand, are great when they are healthy, but they just never seem to stay healthy for very long. I say give Gonzalez another chance, but re-negotiate Sanders' contract or let him go because he is eating up too much green.

I certainly hope Austin Collie, along with everyone else on IR, gets healthy and comes back next season. If Collie regresses, I think it would backpedal a lot of the Colts' potential for next year. And speaking of next year, doesn't it feel like next year should be the Colts' year? The rookies got a good dose of experience this season and everyone will be healthy again, but after next season Jeff Saturday will probably retire. Reggie Wayne will also be in a contract year and he is only going to get older. Manning himself is aging, so it makes me feel like next year is the Colt's last best chance at a ring as an integral unit. It doesn't mean that it's their only chance, but... that's getting way too ahead of everything anyway.

I have never really followed college football, so instead of following the draft in the off-season, I will try to find videos and football highlights from Manning's 2004 season. I wouldn't mind if I heard that Manning and his wife Ashley were expecting a child in the off-season either.

It goes without saying, but go Colts!


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