Peyton Manning in Hawaii for the 2011 Pro Bowl

Peyton Manning is in Hawaii practicing with other NFL all-stars for the 2011 Pro Bowl game scheduled for January 30, 7:00 PM on FOX. He is playing backup to starter Philip Rivers, but we'll probably see Number 18 on the field in the second half.

I personally think the Pro Bowl games are pretty lame, but I'm still going to watch tomorrow because of Peyton Manning. I like how even though he's been to the Pro Bowl more than 10 times already, he still treats each time like it's a really big honor, unlike Tom Brady.

Although I'm sure Big P would rather be playing in the Super Bowl, reports say that he is having a great time in Hawaii, cracking jokes and playing pranks.

For example, here is Manning playing a prank on the Patriots' Wes Welker. He unscrews Welker's water bottle so Welker spills water (or gatorade?) all over his shirt. It's kind of funny to see "The Field General" be so immature because he's always so serious on the field. Welker tells Manning, "I forgot about this trick man... I've been out of college for 7 years now, I haven't seen that one in awhile."

Welker then makes a jab at Manning when Manning underthrows a pass, saying, "I know your arm's not the same. I understand." You can see clips of Manning during practice on Welker's headcam:

Credit: 18pmc18

Here is Manning mic'd up and wired for sound during the Pro Bowl practice. The video quality is a bit fuzzy, but the sound is good:


Finally, Manning gives thanks and encouragement to our nation's troops:

Credit: myafndmc

Gotta love Number 18.

Go Colts... and AFC!


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