Magic 8 Ball - Wild Card Playoffs Report Card

It's almost pointless to write this post: my magic 8 ball had an epic fail. Most of its Colts vs. Jets wild card playoff predictions were flat out wrong. Although, I have to admit, a lot of its predictions did seem like good calls, that is, up until half time.

We'll just make a short run through to see just how wrong it was:
  1. Dallas Clark and Austin Collie have left Hagrid-sized shoes for other Colts to fill. Are Jacob Tamme and Blair White going to be up for the job? - Better not tell you now.
    • Like I said in the wild card playoffs highlights post, Tamme and White did not step up enough. White was slow in getting open and Tamme was not on his game. I guess "better not tell you now" was somewhat indicative that they weren't going to have huge nights.
  2. Are we going to see another reincarnation of Pierre Garcon as a drop-a-saurus? - Reply hazy, try again. Tried again and it said, Cannot predict now. Doh.
    • Garcon was on fire last night. Did anyone notice how after he caught that one pass, he held it up shoulder height on the sidelines and then dropped it? Yup, he was having none of that in a playoff game.
  3. Is Reggie Wayne going to take a vacation on Revis Island? - Very doubtful.
    • Very doubtful? Wayne was stranded. In some of the replays, he looked like he got open on the outside a few times, but timing wise, it might have been too late for Manning to make the throw. He got owned.
  4. Will the Colts' special teams have a spectacularly, as in spectacularly good, special night? - YES.
    • More like big, resounding NO. Or yes, as in spectacularly bad. I can't even think about this right now.
  5. Will Mark Sanchez help the Colts beat the Jets? - It is decidedly so.
    • Okay, this one I can give some leeway. Sanchez was doing just that in the first half, but then Rex Ryan took the ball away from him in the second and started running the ball.
  6. Will Peyton Manning carve up the Jets' defense like last year's Thanksgiving turkey? - My reply is no.
    • I'm not sure if I can say Manning carved up the Jets last night. If his receivers made a few more of his catches, then maybe? But I know Rex Ryan didn't beat Manning last night. He beat Caldwell, the Colts defense, and especially the Colts special teams. The way I see it, Manning still has his number.
  7. Is Rex Ryan going to put his wife's foot in his mouth? - It is decidedly so.
    • Damn it, I really wanted this one to be true.
  8. Will the Colts win against the Jets this Saturday? - Most likely.
    • I guess you can say this one was true. The Colts most likely would have won, but they just didn't.

Okay, back to wallowing in self-pity.

I skipped denial and went straight to anger, hopped over bargaining and am now stuck on depression, just waiting for acceptance to kick in.

I feel for Manning, I really do.


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