Magic 8 Ball - Week 17 Report Card

A couple of days ago, I busted out my magic 8 ball to ask it a few questions about the Colts vs. Titans game. Today, we will evaluate its prognostication prowess. But, before we begin, let me tell you why this magic 8 ball is so special:

It's pretty doggone accurate. 

You know how you can count on Adam Vinatieri to kick a field goal when it matters? Well, even though you can't count on my magic 8 ball to always be right, you can at least count on feeling comforted by its answers because they end up being true close to 75% of the time.

For example, here are some of my magic 8 ball's past predictions:
  • Will Barack Obama become the next US President?
    • Answer: "YES [we can]"
    • Confirmed - Barack Obama is our current president.
  • Will I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled?
    • Answer: "You may rely on it"
    • Confirmed - I ended up removing three of them, two of which were impacted. Not. fun. at. all.
  • Am I going to win the lottery?
    • Answer: "Don't count on it."
    • Confirmed (for now) - I, sadly, have not won the lottery. Not even a scratch-off ticket! Though I hope the answer is wrong on this one...

See, so my magic 8 ball is pretty good at answering questions. Let's see how well it did on the Colts vs. Titans game.

* * *

I will grade it MythBusters-style: confirmed, plausible, and busted, with some leeway on the more ambiguous answers. I know, it's not exactly an objective system, but it's kind of hard to give a right or wrong grade on a maybe answer.
  • Will Jeff Fisher shave his mustache? - Cannot predict now.
    • Plausible? He didn't shave it, but the magic 8 ball didn't actually predict anything.
  •  Are the Titans going to run 2 fake punts and 1 onside kick? -  Better not tell you now.
    • Busted? The Titans played a pretty honest game, but the magic 8 ball gave an ambiguous answer, so maybe plausible?
  •  Is Dominic Rhodes still possessed? - Yes - definitely. 
    • The Rhodester wasn't white hot like last week, but he still ran the ball pretty well - 48 yards on 11 carries. Confirmed? Still possessed but less possessed?
  • Are any other Colts' running backs possessed? - As I see it, yes.
    • Addai had 44 yards on 11 carries and Brown had 9 yards on 3 carries. Production tapered off a bit from last week, but it was still good for a Colts' running back. So, confirmed? Like Rhodes, maybe they're still possessed but just less possessed?
  • Will Clint Session play on defense? - Ask me again later.
    • This ambiguous answer has a negative ring to it, as do most ambiguous answers. I say... confirmed because everyone was saying he would play but then he sat out. 
  • Will the Colts stop Chris Johnson? - Outlook not so good.  
    • Busted! Colts' D held Johnson to 39 yards. 20 carries, 39 yards - less than 2 yards/carry! That sounds like they stopped him pretty good. 
  • Will the Jaguars lose? - Outlook good.
    • Confirmed! Jaguars lost by 17 points to the Houston Texans.
  • Will the Colts win against the Titans this upcoming Sunday? - Without a doubt
    • Confirmed! Colts won! They didn't win pretty, but they won and are now in the playoffs.

Overall, I think my magic 8 ball did a pretty good job. I give it a B+. It's funny because B+ doesn't even make much sense, considering how I non-subjectively "graded" the answers with confirmed, plausible, busted, and a bunch of question marks!

So maybe my magic 8 ball is just a silly toy after all, but it's still cool that it's right a lot of times! Look for these predictions to continue throughout the playoffs. In fact, if you have a question you want it to answer, hit me up in the comments section.


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